The firepump systems built for Sealegs have an effective use of space, and meet custom-required specifications and options for each rescue watercraft. Talk to Kelland Watercraft about your specific needs for a custom-built, amphibious fire-fighting craft .

Firepump System

Kelland Watercraft and Sealegs understands that other rescue equipment may be required on a rescue craft. Amphibious technology must work well with the fire-fighting snd rescue equipment. There is alwyas consideration for form, function and safety when designing and building any Sealegs watercraft.

Modular Components

Operatives can fight fires in more locations with Sealegs amphibious watercraft than in traditional fireboats. Expand the range of fire protection by employing the advantages of negotiating flooded areas, coastlines and shallow rivers with Sealegs amphibious technology.

Fight More Fires

Fire-fighting technology can be built into any of the Sealegs production craft. Choose the model that is right for your jurisdiction: RIB or D-Tube style, sizes from 6.1m up to 9m, covered or uncovered and full-width console or centre-console styles. 

Pick your Craft

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